Oooh! Let’s sizzle.
Hot Brand Action is a workshop designed to take you from zero to brand in one summer.

This course is designed to give you all the tools you need to develop a brand that matches your powerhouse presence. Did I mention it will be fun too?!


Brand Messaging

A brand message that is 100% you and attract an audience you’ll obsess over

Voice Development

Copy that is so you it’s like you are speaking through the page

Website Design

A bangin’ website that you’ll be proud to call your own!

Most Aspiring Business Owners Fall Into These 4 Categories, Which One Are You?

The “I Love Entrepreneurship” (Almost) Business Owner

You LOVE entrepreneurship. You love the success stories, you gobble up every podcast imaginable and just being in the community makes you really happy.

Because you are SO involved and so excited about the idea of having a business, you easily get overwhelmed and distracted and find yourself with a lot of knowledge but not much to show for it…yet.

This course is great for you because it’s actionable. You aren’t collecting knowledge, you are actually creating a brand that will actually help you create that business.

The “Just Fell Into It” Business Owner

You are getting work here and there (mostly from referrals or friends) but you don’t feel like you have a clear direction.  You spend a lot of time feeling confused and unsure of what to do next.

Where will the next clients come from? What should I be writing? And honestly, you are working so much you don’t have much time to work on it.

Hot Brand Action is a great fit for business owners like you because you’ll develop a core brand message that will help guide everything. You will get clear on who you are, who you serve and where you want to go so you can transition into #bossmode.

The “Ok, I have a thing I am great at, now what?” Business Owner

You have a product or a service you are really passionate about and what to sell but you don’t know how to get it out there. You aren’t a master marketer or a business wiz, you just want to sell enough of your stuff to not have to go back to your job.

You just have NO clue where to start making this business happen.

You will leave Hot Brand Action with everything you need to sell your new thing. You’ll have copy to sell it, a site to sell it on and message that will make people CARE so they want to buy it.

The “I Am READY For The Big Stage” Business Owner

You want to be famous. You want people to read your books, listen to your podcasts and celebrate your ideas. This isn’t just about business for you. You have a mission and a message you are READY to share with the world, something that NEEDS to be shared. Only problem is that you have all of these ideas but you don’t know how to deliver them in a way so people really get it. People like the hell out of your FB posts and generally love what you do but it’s not translating to business and you don’t get paid off of likes, yo.

Hot Brand Action is all about developing your core message and rallying cry. We are going to find your personal business hook, one that will get people excited and ready to follow you while also laying the foundation for a brand that easily attracts publishers, podcast interviews and all that awesome stuff.


There are so many tips and tricks and strategies to learn but nobody tells you that without true clarity on your brand, none of that stuff really works.

You can have the all of the “proven step-by-step strategies” out there but nobody buys things they don’t believe in. You can’t make sales if you have no clue what you are selling.

You know what they say, “you can’t build a house without a proper foundation,” or as I like to say “You can’t get to Ryan Gosling’s house if you don’t know where you are.”

All of the success stories you’ve heard? None of them could happen without knowing their brand and just CRUSHING IT. With clarity comes confidence and that is the essential ingredient needed to make any business work. 

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. What will you get when you sign up?

Part 1: Your Brand Message

The first part of the class is all about clarifying your brand message and finding your hook. What makes you unique? Why should people buy from you? Who do you want to work with? What do you wanna do? This is the TRUE foundational work and the bedrock of Hot Brand Action. My students always tell me this is the most therapeutic part of the whole course

Prepare to get clear on your brand like never before.

What you’ll create:

  • A manifesto
  • About Page
  • Homepage Copy
  • Signature Ted Talk Outline

Part 2: Content & Blog

Now it’s time to show your new brand off! During this section of the class you’ll learn how to create content for your new focused brand.

No more confusion on what to write or say. This is when you’ll also start to brand your personality.

What You’ll Create:

  • A branded newsletter designed to attract your perfect client 
  • Your “Work With Me” Page so you can start making day money
  • An opt-in so you can start building your list
  • A Content Strategy plan

Part 3: The Pretty Stuff

Now the fun begins! During this month you’ll be picking your color scheme, creating a basic logo and putting together your brand-new website. You’ll create inspiration boards and build your perfect brand. You’ll also get templates to create the tangible pieces of your brand, including a business card a letterhead and a thank you card. 

Get your Pinterest board ready, people.

What You’ll Create

  • A moodboard (yeah like those ones on pinterest !!!!!) with your colors and brand styles
  • A fully-functional website (that’s mobile responsive yo)
  • A stationery set including business cards, a letterhead postcards and other printed bits.

By the end of Hot Brand Action you will have created the ultimate project —a fully branded site with copy, a killer opt-in and a list to start building. This is a project that will cost you thousands and MONTHS (maybe even years)  of your time but we are going to get it done by September 1st.

Form, Function & Foxy!

I’ve collaborated with branding firm Braizen to build 2 custom templates  you can build off of to build your dream site. We’ve also created business stationery templates, which means you will leave Hot Brand Action with: business stationery templates (i.e. business cards) as well as photoshop tutorials and printing resource guide to help you jumpstart your business.

Have a site already? You can use this opportunity to create a site and visual brand for a signature product or class, similar to the site you are in right now. Don’t worry, we’ll be taking you through the process step-by-step, showing you how to build your site from idea to publish. You’ll have to sign up for a DIVI license to use our themes ($69) but we will make the rest of the process easy.

How it all works

  1. Each week you’ll receive a weekly assignment along with all the material you need to complete the assignment. This usually includes a video tutorial (short and sweet), a beautiful full-color workbook and a recorded case study or coaching session so you can see the work in action.
  2. Group Strategy Calls every other week: I’ll use this time to answer questions, teach and do LIVE hot seats featuring Hot Brand Action students. These go as long as you want them to!
  3. Copywriter-In-Residence: Each week our HBA copywriter Erin will give feedback on your written materials and make sure all of your work is polished.
  4. Tech Superhero on Staff: We know that a LOT of people get stuck on the tech pieces so we’ll have tech help on-hand along with tutorials and guides to help you at every step.

This workshop is called Hot Brand Action for a reason. You can’t sit back and watch, you will be creating, building and finally making your business happen. 

The Breakdown of your BEST SUMMER EVER!

I’ve spread this program out over the summer because I KNOW you are busy but with 9 weeks, you’ll have plenty of time to get the most of the class.

Every 2 weeks you’ll have a break week for catch up from vacation, “busy weeks” and all of the other many ways life gets in the way of our awesomeness.

There is no falling behind or trying to catch up. You’ve got the whole summer to build your brand.

This program has been taken by hundreds of women over the years who have all used the material to get clear on who they are and what they do. Check out the testimonials to see some of the stories.

Week 1: Finding Your “Why”
Week 2: Getting Clear On Your Brand Message
Week 3: Work Week (About Page, “Ted Talk)
Week 4: Identifying + Clarifying Target Market
Week 5: Identifying Your Signature Content Style
Week 6: Work Week (Start Here, Work With Me)
Week 7: WordPress theme Installation
Week 8: Pick Colors and Styles
Week 9+: Work Week (Final Details)

“The program delivered exactly what it said it would: a complete understanding of my brand, an ability to articulate it, written customer profiles of my target market, clear concise copy with a tagline, and a brand book with all the design elements of my business. Actually, Shenee OVER-delivered.”

Michelle Stevens

Michelle Stevens

Powered by Diabetes

“Shenee’s Hot Brand Action has absolutely sparked my creativity and business mind and heart for business. She’s always motivating and passionate. Her energy totally rubbed off on me and I catch myself thinking about content, messages, branding, marketing and sales funnel ALL THE TIME. I’m a scientist so all these concepts were foreign to me before working with Shenee. Not only do I understand it, but I’ve learned how to make it my own for my business, be myself, be a nerd, and have fun through the process. I can’t wait to use these principles to bring together my own community of awesome diabetics. I’m so excited for how everything is coming together.”

Erica Lee Strauss

Erica Lee Strauss

Erica Lee XO

“Before HBA, I knew I wanted a writing business, but I had little idea where to start. I had a few clients under my belt, but no rock-solid niche or focus. One day I wanted one thing, and the next I wanted something else! Hot Brand Action put an end to all my back n´ forth, wishy-washy, brand-less nonsense. Thanks to Shenee’s stupefying marketing smarts and the support, accessibility and kindness of her and all my super HBA mastermind sisters, I was able to whiddle my zillion ideas down to one, concrete business plan. I became mind-blowingly clear on what my business is, who it´s for and why I love it so much.”

Aliza Stein

Aliza Stein

A Freaking Great Co.

“Before HBA I was so frustrated with figuring out my brand. My audience was confused about who I was and what I did. This caused me to go in circles because I was having a hard time articulating what my brand was about. Taking HBA changed all that. My brand is much more focused in its message and in its story. I have clarity and the result of HBA is a cohesive and compelling brand.”

Hot Brand Action is a program that hundreds of women have taken to help find their brands and get crystal clarity on their businesses.

Let’s Review

Here is what you’ll have by the end of the summer, my friend:

A clear brand message that will help distinguish yourself from the crowd and give you the confidence and clarity you need to start building a brand doing what you want (Value: 5-10k with a personal coach, Time: This could take years to figure out)  

All of the copy for your site including a Homepage, Work With Me Page, About Page and Opt-In/Manifesto to get you started  (Value: $5000)

A fully functional, mobile-responsive (that means it looks great on the phone) website with your branded colors and style all on your own along with a shop you can use to start selling. (Value: $5000-$10000)

If you want to create a business, you NEED a brand. There is no way around it. With clarity comes confidence, and you need both to make your business work. Hot Brand Action will give you everything you need to put your best foot forward and start truly showing up online.

Hot Brand Action is a program that hundreds of women have taken to help find their brands and get crystal clarity on their businesses.

Hot Brand Action will give you everything you need to put your best foot forward and start truly showing up online. Don’t wait to make your business happen, you can finally start living that big business dream right now.

Are you ready? LET’S DO THIS! Class runs from  July 1st-September 3rd!

One Payment of $997

Two Payments of $550

Three Payments of $375

GOT QUESTIONS? I’ve got answers! 

How much 1-on-1 time will I get with you?

HBA only has a limited number of spots  and as a result I am gonna be ALL UP IN YOUR BUSINESS and this year I am hiring a copywriting assistant who will help me review your assignments.  That is also what makes Hot Brand Action SO DIFFERENT from other things you have done before.

You won’t be SWIMMING IN A SEA of people hoping to get some help. You will be getting totally individualized attention each week. I’ll know your name. I’ll know your business. That’s the BEAUTIFUL thing about having a small class, my friend.

I’ll also be around to give you general business advice on anything else you need help on.. I have a freakish business brain and I will be able to help you with not only branding but with income creation, getting clients, community engagement and a bunch of other random things I know.

I am also a motivation ninja and I’ll be making it my job to make sure you cut the bullshit and actually DO what you need to do to create a killer brand.

In short, you’ll have plenty of opprotunities to ask questions, get help and make your business happen.

AH! It's summer! Are you crazy? Don't have time!

If you can’t make time for a course, how will you make time for your business? I KNOW. Way harsh. This isn’t to say that every course, class or workshop is worth your time. I am just saying that there is never a good time to do anything. The stuff I am teaching in this class will have to be done at some point, regardless if you do it with me or on your own. You can do it alongside a group of your new friends in a supportive

I’ve just developed an experience that makes building your brand as easy as possible. You can do it alongside a group of your new friends in a supportive

You can do it alongside a group of your new friends in a supportive environment where you can really get help or you can do it solo, totally up to you.

The summer is crazy! The fall is crazy! The spring is crazy! Every season will always be crazy, do you want your business to work bad enough to make time for it?

How do I know this won’t be ANOTHER class I take and don’t get anything out of?

Hot Brand Action is a workshop which means you will be WORKIN’!

I don’t know about other classes but if you show up every week ready to work, you WILL leave the class with everything I promised but that’s TOTALLY UP TO YOU. As much as I would love to sit in your house and make sure you do everything I want you to do (muahahaha) that isn’t realistic. I HAVE worked really really hard to make Hot Brand Action ALL action-oriented stuff. So you know that feeling you get when you take a class without ACTUAL assignments and you are left with that “WAIT, WHAT?” feeling?

That won’t happen HBA because it’s all project driven.

The main difference is that it’s about learning TECHNIQUES and SKILLS and not just about learning “concepts” which are useless if you don’t have any real way to apply them.

Your brand WILL be transformed if you just show up ready to roll, mkay?

Um, Shenee! I do a LOT of things! Can this workshop still be for me?

YES! I LOVE THIS! In Hot Brand Action you will learn to brand yourself at the most BASIC LEVEL which means that you can do whatever you WANT with your brand with clarity and confidence because you will finally know what connects EVERYTHING together.

GLORIOUS synergy!

Look, I like you and all but I am scaredddd. What do I do?

Hey RELAX! If you LIKE what I have done in the past and really jive with the way I do things then you will get a LOT out of this class. I also have a lot of testimonials you can read, listen and watch to decide.

This course is my signature, one that I taught for YEARS. If you know you need the things I described above, Hot Brand Action will help you get it.

Will I get feedback on this work I am doing?

YES! That’s what makes HBA da bomb and why we have SO MANY testimonials. You’ll have multiple opportunities to sign up and have your work read and reviewed by me or my copywriting assistant.

What if I fall behind? Is there a way to catch up?

Absolutely, there are implementation weeks built into the class and this course is 9 WEEKS LONG! Insane, right? So much can happen in 9 weeks! You’ll also ALWAYS have access to the class material whenever you are ready.

Will Hot Brand Action still be good for me if I don’t have a business that is super creative?

YES! Graduates of HBA include lawyers, accountants, dog trainers and real estate agents.  We don’t discriminate.  HBA will just help you stand out among your peers because you will be SO clear and you will be attracting all of the RIGHT people to your business. We’ve all had nightmare clients, right? Imagine if you had a brand that allowed you to NEVER have a client you don’t LOVE working with again? That would be AWESOME, right?


What if I change my mind about my business during the class? I don’t want to waste my money!

This is a AWESOME question. Hot Brand Action is all about helping you learn HOW to brand yourself which means that you can use what you learn in this class for any/every business you will EVER create. If you love copywriting now but want to be a novelist later, you’ll go through the same steps to brand yourself, yo!

That is what makes Hot Brand Action so great. It’s all about making sure you not only get help NOW but set yourself up so that you’ll be able to help YOURSELF later. 

I am not in AMERICA! Is this still for me?

Yes! I have had LOTS o’ hotties from around the world take HBA! Including: Australia, Belgium, Italy, Sri Lanka and a bunch of other awesome places! Everything is RECORDED and there will be space to ask ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS. I promise you that, yo.

The lessons you will be learning will also apply to ANY language so you can take what you are learning and translate it to whatever language you want and it still works. I unfortunately won’t be able to give you much feedback on the non-english writing but I’ll still be around to help you as much as I can,  lovely!

Make it happen! GET THE ACTION! July 1st-September 3rd! 

One Payment of $997

Two Payments of $550

Three Payments of $375

Did you see the clock?  IT’S BONUS TIME!


Brand Chemistry Strategy Guides

Once you get clear on the band, it’s time to start building your business. This strategy guide will tell you what to do and when to grow your business your way.

Mini Master Classes

These are mini-classes from some of my FAVORITE business owners designed to help make your business work, most in under 15 minutes. Some of the teachers include Denise Duffield Thomas, Melissa Cassera, Kriss Did It and Kendrick Shope! 

The Launch Class

The Launch Class is a step-by-step approach for launching your next thing. NO GUESSWORK required. You’ll learn what to do and when to do it.

The Tech Vault

We’ve also created a library of quick video tutorials to help you with some of the icky tech particulars that hold us all back. These include: How to create a landing page, Changing the fonts and colors on your site, Creating a drip campaign autoresponder series, Best software for scheduling out your content & Designing marketing materials for instagram, twitter and your blog


One Payment of $997

Two Payments of $550

Three Payments of $375