You are trying to live your life doing the work
that lights you up, makes you excited and fills
you with all that “feel good” stuff.

You know your stuff. You got the training and you are READY to start making a big impact in the world. Unfortunately, you are out in the BIG online business world and have realized that it´s not enough to just exist with your AWESOMENESS (although you ARE pretty darn amazing).

It´s not enough to have a site (even if it´s a good one), throw some text on it and wait for the money to start rollin´ in. (But wouldn´t that be cool?)

You have to stand out. You have to be seen and heard (and loved) by your ideal customers. And that is really, really difficult when there are a million other people doing exactly what you are trying to do. So you get stuck. You surf other people´s sites. You wait and wait for the right moment. You get frustrated because you are working your BUTT off and feel like you are getting no closer to make this work.

Frustrating, right? Boy do I KNOW it. I spent months buying product after product, reading book after book and trying strategy after strategy and getting NOWHERE.

Somehow I thought (and I think we ALL think like this) that I´d be the next big thing by just existing but there always seemed to be something I didn´t have. Someone always seemed to be a little clearer and a lot more interesting. Someone always seemed to be doing it better.

This is what I realized:

You can have ALL the business skills
in the world but if you aren´t confident
and clear in what you offer,
you will do NOTHING with it.

And here is another little something I know now: those other people were NEVER better than me. They just were better branded. And I ain´t talkin´ about cows, yo.

All of that stuff combined creates YOUR brand.

And when you HAVE a brand, things REALLY start to happen:

A brand can take years to create but
what if you could do it all in 6 weeks?

You will have a totally unique online brand
that will help you stand out from the crowd,
find your right clients and ultimately start
making money doing what you really love.

Why this workshop is different:

You have the option of being put into a kick-ass mastermind group! You guys will work TOGETHER to reach awesome brand heights! YEAH. Accountability for the WIN.

That´s right, folks. Instead of just talking about branding, copywriting and visual graphic creating, you are going to be DOING .

It´s a workshop, yo! That means you will be WORKIN!

And here is the thing about being a workshop and not the traditional class: I know that you have a good idea of what you SHOULD be doing you just can´t find the space, the time (or maybe even the confidence) to actually sit down and DO IT which makes things even more frustrating.

Let´s face it. You could USE a little hand-holding. You would love for someone to give you that swift kick needed to GET IT DONE. My copywriting assistant and I will be there every step of the way to make sure your copy is on the right track.

There is something SO AWESOME about connecting and growing with people and really getting to know each other. During this workshop, you´ll be able to make new friends, new connections and truly be seen (and not just be another face on facebook) and heard.

By the end of this workshop you will
be crystal clear about what you offer,
who you offer it to and why YOU
are the person people should come
to when they need help.

You will know what makes YOU unique and have strategies for sharing your awesomeness with the world on a regular basis so that people will want to buy from you over and over again.

You will have a clear idea of what to write (and what type of offerings to create) for your perfect client and will never have to worry about “what to write” again.

I created this workshop because I am tired of seeing rockstars (like you) struggle so hard to have the lifestyle they really want. I hate watching you undervalue yourself and charge less for what you are worth because you aren´t 100% confident in what you offer.

By the end of this class you will have renewed confidence and clarity and FINALLY feel ready to take over the world and finally get paid to do what you love.

And isn´t that why we are all here in the first place?


HBA is a no-refund program so if you are unsure if this program is for you, email us at to
set up a quick phone call and we will help you figure out if you are a good fit for this workshop


READING YO MIND – The BEST FAQ you will ever read, yo.


I find that most people (and maybe you are one of those lovely people) spend lots of money on lots of things. And maybe you have been burned in the past (it’s happen to me) by a product that sounded really good and wasn’t for you. WELLL I don’t want that and that’s why I have created this very special FAQ for your enjoyment. I’ve talked to lots of people (I imagine over 300 at this point) about my lovely signature program and lots of questions have come up. Here are some of those questions! I am kind of a mind reader.


You have been warned.


Why should I spend $997 on a branding class?

1. Because this workshop is going to act as the FOUNDATION for everything you do. So many people spend so much time investing things that will be THE ANSWER instead of investing in things that will help YOU FIND THE ANSWER. Hot Brand Action is about giving you a PROCESS that you can use whenever you get stuck on the big questions that make our business vroom vroom.

For example: who do you work with? what makes your brand special? how do you KNOW what you want once it’s time to hire a designer?

There is no way that you will know the answers to this questions ALL the time (businesses evolve, baby) but after Hot Brand Action you will be able to easily sit down and answer these questions by yourself without wasting money or time on things don’t matter.

HBA hotties (that will be YOU soon, by the way) always tell me that they go back to their work over and over again when they need to do something new for their business.

And of course there is the biggest benefit which is that you will have written all your copy, picked all your colors and fonts, created enough content ideas for 6 months and have a killer opt-in all in 6 weeks.

No big deal. Did I mention that all of those things will cost you upwards of  6000 if you got them somewhere else? No-brainer, yo!

And I mean let’s be honest: you have been sitting on some of this stuff for weeks (maybe months) wouldn’t you like to get it all done?

And wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to wait for someone else to do it? And what if you could have someone who is there to read and comment on all your stuff so that you KNOW you are on the right track?


2.  I don’t know how to say this BUT I’M A PRETTY BIG DEAL. People know me.

But really, I am very very good at what I do. I’m fast. I can read minds. I have a really cute dog and I have a BIG EGO which means I don’t like people leaving my class without accomplishing big things.

Plus I am a pain in the ass and I’ll make sure you do shiz.




How do I know this won’t be ANOTHER class I take and don’t get anything out of?

Hot Brand Action is a workshop which means you will be WORKIN’!

I don’t know about other classes but if you show up every week ready to work, you WILL leave the class with everything I promised but that’s TOTALLY UP TO YOU. As much as I would love to sit in your house and make sure you do everything I want you to do (muahahaha) that isn’t realistic. I HAVE worked really really hard to make Hot Brand Action ALL action-oriented stuff. So you know that feeling you get when you take a class without ACTUAL assignments and you are left with that “WAIT, WHAT?” feeling?

That won’t happen HBA because it’s all project driven.

The main difference is that it’s about learning TECHNIQUES and SKILLS and not just about learning “concepts” which are useless if you don’t have any real way to apply them.

Your brand WILL be transformed if you just show up ready to roll, mkay?


How big is the class and how much time will you spending with us? How much of my writing will be workshopped?

HBA only has 32 spots and as a result I am gonna be ALL UP IN YOUR BUSINESS and this year I am hiring a copywriting assistant who will help me review ALL of your work.  Everyone turns in their work on Friday afternoon and all throughout the day (and a little over the weekend) you’ll be getting personalized feedback on all of the work you turn in. That is also what makes Hot Brand Action SO DIFFERENT from other things you have done before.

You won’t be SWIMMING IN A SEA of people hoping to get some help. You will be getting totally individualized attention each week. I’ll know your name. I’ll know your business. That’s the BEAUTIFUL thing about having a small class, my friend.

I’ll also be around to give you general business advice on anything else you need help. I have a freakish business brain and I will be able to help you with not only branding but with income creation, getting clients, community engagement and a bunch of other random things I know.

I am also a motivation ninja and I’ll be making it my job to make sure you cut the bullshit and actually DO what you need to do to create a killer brand.

We will have a facebook page, weekly calls and all sorts of wonderfabulousness so you will have plenty access to me!



What do you mean when you say mastermind group? What the heck does that mean?

You can KNOW a lot about business and branding but sometimes you need to just talk it out. Your mastermind groups will be a safe space for you to do the assignments and get some helpful feedback. It is my hope that you will stay connected with your mastermind group and call upon each other whenever you need help. I am all about creating community.

Doing this business thing is LONELY and it’s always nice to know that there is someone around who will have your back.


What if I HAVE no idea what my “personal brand” is? Can you help me find it?

Yeahhhhhh girl. That is what this class is ALL ABOUT. It’s about helping you create a personal brand. If you knew what it was, you wouldn’t be here! I’ll be taking you through the SAME process I have taken to build my personal brand from scratch. No worrrriiiiiiessss. We got this!


How will this help me with my web design/ logo design/ graphic design?

In Hot Brand Action you will develop your personal brand style. That means you will know WHAT YOU LIKE and you can clearly articulate it to your web designer. You will have the mad skills to create pinterest graphics and  facebook stuff on your own but the POINT is that you will be able to give your site some style with colors and fonts but when the time comes for you to level up and hire a designer, you’ll know EXACTLY what you want.

So will you leave with a logo? Maybe!  You WILL leave with a good understanding of what you LIKE which is SO important when developing your brand identity. This also is GREAT for DIY business builders. We will have lots o’ resources for you.

My business is NOT really all that sexy, yo. Will Hot Brand Action still be good for me if I don’t have a business that is super creative?

YES! We have had lawyers and accountants in HBA! We don’t discriminate.  HBA will just help you stand out among your peers because you will be SO clear and you will be attracting all of the RIGHT people to your business. We’ve all had nightmare clients, right? Imagine if you had a brand that allowed you to NEVER have a client you don’t LOVE working with again? That would be AWESOME, right?




So I am doing what I am doing now BUT what if I decide that I want to do something else later? I don’t want to waste my money!

This is a AWESOME question. Hot Brand Action is all about helping you learn HOW to brand yourself which means that you can use what you learn in this class for any/every business you will EVER create. If you love copywriting now but want to be a novelist later, you’ll go through the same steps to brand yourself, yo!

That is what makes Hot Brand Action so great. It’s all about making sure you not only get help NOW but set yourself up so that you’ll be able to help YOURSELF later. 

What if I have a question?!? How can I get a hold of you?

We will be having office hours every week (a free for all q&a session over facebook) PLUS we will have calls once a week  on HBA weeks and TWICE a week on wokshopping/implementation weeks (you’ll learn more about that later).

What if I’m still stuck at the end of HBA? Is there additional help?

Sure! We have 2-3 weeks at the end of HBA for some additional questions/help/general concerns so that you feel like you are READY TO ROLL. You’ll also be getting lots of resources and next steps so you’ll know what YOU need for your business. (Pssst: you won’t be stuck)

I  can’t WRITE! Should I bother taking this?

That’s ok! I am not asking your work to be perfect. I just want you to be clear so that when you do hire a copywriter (if you want one) you can give them something AWESOME to work with. Here is the BIGGEST PROBLEM. People expect copywriters to CREATE their brands for them. This is just not the case. Before any designer or copywriter or anyone else can help you, YOU need to make sure you know what your brand is, who you are messaging and what you need your audience to know and love about you. I’ve been a copywriter and it is SO DIFFICULT to try to write copy for someone who isn’t quite clear yet.

This workshop will help you learn how to write better. I promise that you will write BETTER copy, fo sho.

I am really good at breaking things down so that I am teaching you the absolute basics and building your knowledge up from there.

What if I don’t know what I am doing yet?

In order to get the MOST out of the class, I suggest that you at least have some idea of what you want to do. It will change and evolve but having a clear direction makes the class way more effective. If you just know you want to be an entrepreneur but have NO idea what that looks like at ALL, I would wait and not take Hot Brand Action right now. If you know you might want to do something with “body image” or “project management” we can work with that.

If you don’t know if you want to fly kites or fix cars, you aren’t quite ready for me yet!

Hot Brand Action is GREAT for biz beginners because you will learn good habits that will allow you to make progress really quickly. While everyone else is trying to figure out what an opt-in is, you’ll have dozens of options. While someone else is spending HOURS on their copy, you’ll have a fool-proof technique to refer to every time.


I don’t have time for this! I have so much going on and I’ve already have so many other programs to finish.

I have a VERY short attention span so I would never give you any type of work that is going to take  a long time. Hot Brand Action is all about taking action and just DOING IT so you’ll do a lot less “thinking” and way more time laying down the groundwork for your brand. Each week’s work can be done in as little as 30 minutes and the calls will clock in at 45 minutes (but I’ll stay on the line as long as you need me). You’ll get what you put in the workshop but I promise you won’t spend HOURS reading materials or listening to audios.

I am not in AMERICA! Is this still for me?

Yes! I have had LOTS o’ hotties from around the world take HBA! Including: Australia, Belgium, Italy, Sri Lanka and a bunch of other awesome places! Everything is RECORDED and there will be space to ask ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS. I promise you that, yo.

The lessons you will be learning will also apply to ANY language so you can take what you are learning and translate it to whatever language you want and it still works. I unfortunately won’t be able to give you much feedback on the non-english writing but I’ll still be around to help you as much as I can,  lovely!

What if I am into a BUNCH of different things and can’t decide how to bring them all together?

YES! I LOVE THIS! In Hot Brand Action you will learn to brand yourself at the most BASIC LEVEL which means that you can do whatever you WANT with your brand with clarity and confidence because you will finally know what connects EVERYTHING together.

GLORIOUS synergy!

What if I have a job during the day? Can I still participate?

HORRAY FOR THE SIDE HUSTLE. You absolutely CAN still participate! There are calls in the mornings and the afternoon so you should be able to make one or the other. We’ll also be having late afternoon office hours so you can ask ALL your questions. I’ll also try to put you in a mastermind group with OTHER side-hustlers so that you guys can be ALL on the same wave length.

everyday I’m hustliiiiiiin

It’s a lot of money. Did I mention that I don’t have the MONEY for this type of investment?

If you were to go to a professional to get and editing or writing work done for ANY one of the things we are doing in the class, it would cost more than what I am asking you for the whole class. Most copywriters and branders will charge at least $300 a page for copy or branding. In addition to that, in-depth brand discovery work can cost thousands of dollars.

This MONEY WILL GET SPENT SOMEWHERE if you want to grow your business. That’s just the way things work in the beginning. You just have to decide if this is the investment YOU want to make.

You are making a BIG investment into your brand platform and the skills you will learn here will stay with you for quite a while! Plus, I am AWESOME and so are you so make that investment in YOURSELF.

Also! STOP SAYING THAT. You can totally afford anything you REALLY want to make the time and space to invest in. You just gotta DECIDE you really, really want to do it!

I don’t have a website yet.

That’s cool. You don’t need one. In fact, HBA has a bunch o’ bonuses and extras that will help you get a website.

Look, I REALLY like you and all but SERIOUSLY, I don’t know if this is the right thing for meeeee! What do I do?

Hey RELAX! If you LIKE what I have done in the past and really jive with the way I do things then you will get a LOT out of this class. Seriously. I bring a very holistic approach to this workshop. That means that even if you need help with something else in ADDITION to branding, I’ll be there to help you out.  I also approach everything the same. BIG VALUE delivered in deceptively simple packaging. I am really good at teaching people how to do things. It’s MY THING.

And not just me, yo! You will have 30 people there to support you, read your stuff and give you all the help you’ve ever wanted with your business.

If you feel a YES I NEED THIS type feeling as you are reading this, GO AHEAD AND DO IT. You WILL figure it out. We will figure it out! That is what the workshop is all about.

Need MORE? Here are some video testimonials!

Have any other questions? Email me at! Let’s do it!

“The program delivered exactly what it said it would: a complete understanding of my brand, an ability to articulate it, written customer profiles of my target market, clear concise copy with a tagline, and a brand book with all the design elements of my business. Actually, Shenee OVER-delivered.”
Carmel D

“Before HBA, I knew I wanted a writing business, but I had little idea where to start. I had a few clients under my belt, but no rock-solid niche or focus. One day I wanted one thing, and the next I wanted something else! Hot Brand Action put an end to all my back n´ forth, wishy-washy, brand-less nonsense. Thanks to Shenee’s stupefying marketing smarts and the support, accessibility and kindness of her and all my super HBA mastermind sisters, I was able to whiddle my zillion ideas down to one, concrete business plan. I became mind-blowingly clear on what my business is, who it´s for and why I love it so much.”
Erica S

“I got everything that I needed from HBA and more. Shenee is a great teacher, and I really enjoyed the class. I honestly wish it would NEVER end. I now have a banging bio that I love, it really says what I want it to say, and it feels very personal. I got clear on my target market, and I have a sales page!”
Christine Tse


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