Watch Danielle talk about how her awesome Press Play was born in HBA!


In this video, Megan talks about how her new brand identity started in Hot Brand Action:


In this awesome video, Mara discusses what she got from HBA!

Some of the highlights:

  • How she wrote the copy for her new sparkly service using HBA and managed to sell it out in 2 weeks
  • How she filled her new program with HBA hotties
  • What she loved the most about the class








In this video, Julie talks about how HBA helped her branding and design skills.




I have been DYING to release this story. Olivia was a part of the first HBA and she has a GREAT success story! Listen how her revised about page helped him get  hired by a New York Times Bestseller right on the spot. No background, no referrals, all HBA! WOO!


Listen to the case study!


Here is the manifesto she created:


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