HBA Success Stories



Watch Danielle talk about how her awesome Press Play was born in HBA!




















In this video, Megan talks about how her new brand identity started in Hot Brand Action:

























In this awesome video, Mara discusses what she got from HBA!

Some of the highlights:

  • How she wrote the copy for her new sparkly service using HBA and managed to sell it out in 2 weeks
  • How she filled her new program with HBA hotties
  • What she loved the most about the class



















In this video, Julie talks about how HBA helped her branding and design skills.




















I have been DYING to release this story. Olivia was a part of the first HBA and she has a GREAT success story! Listen how her revised about page helped him get  hired by a New York Times Bestseller right on the spot. No background, no referrals, all HBA! WOO!


Listen to the case study!


Here is the manifesto she created:






DeAnna Lynn Englezos is a coach and a recent HBA grad! She will actually be taking HBA again because she loved the class so much and she is going to tell you why. We chatted about where she was before she got in the class, where she is now and all the amazing things she has planned for the future.

Listen to the interview here!