“I  got everything that I needed from HBA and more. Shenee is a great teacher, and I really enjoyed the class. I honestly wish it would NEVER end. I now have a banging bio that I love, it really says what I want it to say, and it feels very personal. I got clear on my target market, and I have a sales page!”

-Christine Tse

“This experience really helped me find a lot of clarity, and helped me figure out what niche I wanted to focus in on, along with all the great branding stuff I never thought I could do on my own. so thank you thank you thank you!”

-Mercedes Riggs

Shenee has not only created a course but a community that you will learn from immediately. I know that my brand will change, but the tools and lessons Shenee has shared have given me the confidence to re-build my brand as it evolves and launch new brands in the future. She’s got rock-solid ideas and a sharp eye. HBA has given me the motivation and support to finally do the work to build my brand.

-Meghan Lazier

-“It’s really hard to describe Shenee Howard other than she is a fireball of creative energy. We had met in an entrepreneurial group and I watched with awe as her ideas turned to reality in a matter of days, so I knew I wanted some of that and signed up for her Hot Brand Action class. Boy, did I get my money’s worth. The prorgram delivered exactly what it said it would: a complete understanding of my brand, an ability to articulate it, written customer profiles of my target market, clear concise copy with a tagline, and a brand book with all the design elements of my business. Actually, Shenee OVER-delivered. She had these really fun creative modules for us to listen to and then met with us weekly for Q and A. She was on our forums all week with individual attention on copy and ideas. It was the best mix of personal coaching and the support of a group of entrepreneurial women willing to share and give feedback.

Shenee is that rare combination of creative genius who also knows business and can teach. I walked in the door with an idea in my head of what my brand was to leaving with my bio, my character files and copy for my welcome page and my signature offering: all ready to give to a web designer. It took alot to pull the words out , but Shenee never gave up on me. Get in NOW if you are serious about your brand and want to move from analysis paralysis to reality in 4 weeks flat! This class helped me so much that now I am no longer afraid of writing copy and I have a branding template and system which I can use forever. My brand has come alive!
This woman is going to be a big player on the branding scene.. don’t miss your opportunity to have this time with her!”

-Carmel DArienzo

“I’d considered many e-courses in the past, but Hot Brand Action was the first one I just couldn’t pass up. Here are the top five benefits I’ve experienced as a result of Shenee’s HBA guidance.

1.Laser-focused business: No more filler services; only high-value, brand-centric offerings to thrill my clients.

2.Irresistible About page: My #1 business hero came across, read it, and reached out to me about working together; he sited my new About page as a reason.
3. Transformational support network: I formed meaningful relationships with other savvy women, and we’ve offered each other tremendous clarity and support. These friendships will continue long after HBA draws to a close.4.Electric Inspiration: After a mastermind group phone call, I had an Aha Moment so big, I got out of bed at 2am and outlined an entirely new service offering that speaks exactly to my passions and skills.
5.Structured momentum: The weekly assignments forced me to step away from my email and Twitter and focus on projects that would move my business forward in a meaningful way.”

-Olivia Bowen

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