Are you just beginning want to know if Hot Brand Action is for you? Check out two new testimonials from HBA Hotties that were newbies!

Listen to Jessica’s testimonial.

Read Stephanie’s story:

I am not a person who easily drops money on stuff (vintage dishes and organic food notwithstanding), and I am always hesitant to spend money on myself (don’t even ask how long it’s been since my last haircut). After stumbling across Shenee’s website and reading through the archives, I signed up for the free 5-day branding workshop emails and found myself actually DOING the work after they arrived. I know you know what I mean, you with the budding business in the back of your mind, you with the impulse buy website domain name & the idea that won’t quit you. I bet you were like me, and spent time at your day job reading all about starting your own business, but never actually moving forward. I was, too, until Shenee’s proverbial kick-in-the-ass.

But, because I freak out about spending money, I was hesitant to enroll in HBA. Was it for me & my business since we were still embryonic compared to people with websites and business cards, people whose businesses paid taxes, people who had Clients with a capital C?

I emailed Shenee & just asked her, because I have no problem contacting random internet people and asking for their opinions. She replied that the course was intended to also work for people like me, and, it turns out she wasn’t lying just to get my money—HBA is valuable, even if you are just starting out, with no website, no paying clients, just a business plan and the drive to move forward.

I will make the caveat that I feel that HBA is only for you if you have a (somewhat) defined sense of what you intend to offer in your business, though. My business is just a paid version of volunteer work I was already doing throughout my community. So, even though I had no official business, I knew my demographic, my services, what I brought to the table. This is key as you work through the program. While some things might change and morph with the week’s activities, and lightbulb-epiphanies can occur, I feel you need to have some defined starting place to fully reap the benefits.


Thanks to the course, I avoided some blunders and mistakes before I even put my business-baby out into the world. Competition is fierce in both the internet world and the real-world, so starting from a place of clarity, servitude and effective copy is key.

Now, thanks to HBA, I have my web copy ready to go, my website is being built, I have my first paying client. I feel confident and ready to birth my business out into the world.

Some advice, from one random internet person to another: Before you invest in business cards, before you buy crazy expensive software programs, before you drop hundreds of business books on Amazon, enroll in HBA. Shenee will kick your ass into gear & hold your hand AT THE SAME TIME, and afterward, your business will be better for it.



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