In today’s workshop we are talking about PERSONALITY! Woop, woop! Before we get started, can I ask you to do something?

Ok, let’s get started.

Let me start off by saying that “personality” doesn’t mean you have to be loud, exciting or even super nice.

It means bringing YOU online.

Your passions.
Your quirks.

You can brand your personality with these 3 questions/ideas

“What do you want people to KNOW about you?”
What are you passionate about?
What are some other fun extra bits about you?


Guess who is the example today?

That would be me.



Here is my brand personality map.


Let’s start by just looking at what I just wrote.



So, what does this say about who I am in real-life? What can you expect when you come here?

I like to keep it light + fun as much as possible.
I am not taking  isn’t taking myself too seriously.

Other examples:


RYAN GOSLING is my class mascot.


I am obviously very passionate about design. I have put a lot of work and energy in making sure my design is on-point. Even the details. In fact, this whole branding series shows my commitment to design. I LOVE IT.


I have written posts about going broke, getting in digital fights and so many other things.

Pop Culture:

It’s everywhere. On my site. In my newsletters. Everywhere.

The idea is to start small. How can you let your people know more about what you are interested in outside of working?

Can you make an analogy?

One of my first blog posts was about Keanu Reeves.

What Keanu Reeves Can Teach us About Branding

Can you invite them to do something with you?

My friend Michelle is REALLY into tea and she will be doing a tea class.

Can  your other interests help strengthen  your brand?

So, for example, Erika of the Daily Whip REALLY loves TV. She gets lots of inspiration from shows.
This past weekend she live-tweeted Shark Tank.

Engagement + Personality branding at the same time! Wee!

The key is to do this authentically!

Do not blow up/over emphasize a part of your personality because you believe it will make you more likable.

It won’t.

Here is a blank one for you to look at:

Just getting some of your ideas on paper is a GREAT place to start then pick 1 little piece of information to focus on.


I am a BRAND STRATEGIST so I can brand myself. It’s what I do. But if you aren’t a brand strategist don’t get caught up in giving the world ALL of you at once.

  • Post a picture of a childhood crush.
  • Write a post about a hard time in your life.
  • Post a video.
  • Get a mascot.

So, have any ideas on how you can bring more “you-ness” to the table? Need some help figuring out how this will work for you? Go ahead and comment here!

Want to learn more about creating your own personality-driven brand? You are in the right place, my friend.

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